Atlas Volt is an Alternative Indie Rock duo based in Malmö, Sweden founded in 2012 by Canadian singer-songwriter Philippe Longchamps and British producer and composer Adam Hansen-Chambers.

We believe in creative independence and we want to offer our fans an uncompromised version of our artistic vision.

Everything we do is homemade and financed with the money we make with our day jobs. We believe that the only way to create the innovative blend of the eclectic musical genres we like is to keep away from the standardized and prefabricated structures of the music industry.

Being unsponsored, unsigned and unbound is the only alternative to offer our fans what they are craving for: authenticity.

But to achieve our goal, we need your help! Through word of mouth and with the help of social networking we would be grateful if you could reach all the people out there who share our views, our passion for music and our love for creative freedom. By staying away from the traditional marketing tools of the record Industry and their image-makers, we are able offer our fans a genuine product that reflects our true selves through our songs.

Atlas Volt is a "Do it yourself" (DIY) independent musical home studio project with a focus on recording and producing innovative songs. Since we are playing all the instruments in the recordings, it's hard for us to offer live performances at the moment. Our band will eventually offer concerts together with session musicians. That's why our duo has been concentrating on writing songs and producing Atlas Volt's debut EP "EVENTUALITIES"

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EP artwork by Andrzej Kuziola



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