Philippe Longchamps and Adam Hansen-Chambers met in Malmö, Sweden in 2012. After discovering that they shared a similar taste in music, as well as shared political and philosophical ideas, they started working together on a music project named Atlas Volt. Both Adam and Philippe already had music they were working on individually, so they exchanged ideas with each other and while capitalizing on their new creative chemistry, they collaborated to make what was to become their first release: Atlas Volt’s debut EP “Eventualities”, in February 2013. The EP featured 5-tracks ranging from indie-pop, prog-rock, post-metal and alternative rock. ‘Eventualities’ made it to Bandcamp’s ‘Top 10 New Discoveries’ chart and even reached #1 in the category ‘Alternative Best-Seller’ in the weeks following the release. Furthermore, “Eventualities” lead single “Shine Your Own Light” received radio airplay on Sweden’s National Radio Station P3 and was voted #1 on the popular radio show P3-Star while spending 5 weeks in the ‘Unsigned Artists Top 10 chart’.  

With “Memento Mori” Atlas Volt returns with a vision-defining album that thoroughly establishes their wide-ranging style and eclectic sound. This new release features 17 original tracks including some long progressive songs, short interludes, riff-oriented alternative rock songs and a few instrumental tunes. “Memento Mori” is a concept album reflecting upon the secular humanist worldview. It questions the fundamentalist dogmas of religions and New Age cults, while examining their promises of an afterlife and restrictions on personal freedom. Moreover, “Memento Mori” is a narrative based on a retrospective introspection into the band members’ own religious upbringing. The lyrics are often presented as an inner dialogue between an “old-self” preaching the value of faith and morality, and a “new-self” defending the ethical values that emerged from the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution. After being profoundly affected by the waves of violence sweeping around the world in recent years, Adam and Philippe decided to dedicate this new album to all the innocent victims of faith-based fundamentalism throughout history. The album features a range of musical styles including: grunge, indie-rock, alternative, post-metal, prog-rock and even world music. Three songs on the album include audio quotes from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Carl Sagan and Christopher Hitchens that fulfill the intention of copyright laws to stimulate creativity for the enrichment of the general public. They are used under the Creative Commons Fair Use License (CC BY 2.5), in accordance to the International Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC). ‘Memento Mori’ is due for release in May 2015.
Philippe Longchamps is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter from Sherbrooke, Québec. 
His main instruments are drums, guitar, sitar and keyboard. He earned a Master’s degree in History from UQÁM and two B.A. in Education and History/Geography from Malmö and Bishop’s University.
Philippe is of former member of these bands: Magister (progressive trance), Lariam Dream (jazz fusion) and Magister Dixit (alternative rock). He also collaborated on a wide range of music projects in the past together with: Davis Elias (Obatala), Brian Wingate (Baleen), Jeff Burke (Jeff & Vida), Pascal Gemme (Genticorum), Guillaume Déziel, Simon Roy, Sébastien Jean, Jean-Jacques Bourdages and Marcin Brzezinski (multiple acts).
Adam Hansen-Chambers is a British musician and music producer from Nottingham in England.
His main instruments are electric guitar and bass. As a qualified Music Technology Specialist Adam has become a keen music producer over the years and has even worked with Pip Williams (The Kinks, Nightwish). Adam also makes music with Ronald Heu & Marcus Närvik as Sleepless Mountain, a post-Spaghetti Western project. Adam previously played with Pilgrim Fathers (Undergroove Records) and Evenflow (Pearl Jam tribute). He also wrote music for the soundtrack of the Swedish feature film "Odjuret" (The Savage) in 2011. This movie based on a true story won the Breaking Waves Award at the Nemzetközi Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary.
The very fact that Atlas Volt exists is a real “tour de force” since Adam and Philippe rarely meet in person. Adam lived in Sweden for four years before moving back to England in 2012, while Philippe still lives and works as a teacher in Sweden, since he moved there from Canada in 2002. Adam and Philippe meet on special occasions in Malmö or London in order to write, record and produce their songs. Because of the distance separating them, they complete everything else by sharing audio files over the Internet. Furthermore, Adam and Philippe completed their latest record while working full-time and completing studies in their respective countries. Atlas Volt is proud to be a virtual band, which however makes it impossible for them to offer live performances at this moment. 
Atlas Volt has been collaborating with the illustrator Andrzej Kuziola for the band’s artwork; we invite you to discover his amazing online gallery at
Adam and Philippe also had the privilege to be photographed by the talented multi-disciplinary artist, producer and drummer Dan Osborne from the amazing band Pineapple Thief